Effects of Revitalizing face and décolleté massage:

rejuvenates the skin and delays its aging process

suppresses the formation of wrinkles and evens out the skin around the eyes

it removes stress and thus the hard contours of the face, on the contrary, it softens it, makes it younger and fresher

it has a beneficial effect on the psyche through a large number of nerve receptors

induces a feeling of relaxation and inner joy

A face and décolletage massage is a very pleasant relaxing procedure that contributes to the blood circulation of the skin, relieves its tension, promotes cell renewal, prevents moisture loss and strengthens the skin, cleans it, brightens it and smooths out wrinkles. Facial massage helps to get rid of toxic substances. There are a large number of nerve receptors on the face, therefore facial massage affects not only the nervous system, but also the whole body.

It has beneficial and maximally relaxing effects, especially on the central nervous system. Stress and tension cause the muscles to tighten, which causes a hard expression, and this massage will release the tension. With age, the muscle tissue in the face weakens and wrinkles appear on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth. Facial massage helps delay the aging process, as it improves blood circulation, muscle flexibility, and the skin will be smooth and radiant. Facial massage is excellent not only for women, but also for men due to its relaxing effects.