Effects of lava stone massage:

relieves muscle pain, relieves muscle spasms, spasms and blockages

help with headaches, neck pain and stiffness in the shoulders and neck

stimulation of blood circulation and lymphatic system

help with joint pain

induces a feeling of warmth and balance

helps detoxify and drain the body

strengthens and harmonizes the body

deeply relaxes and relaxes the organism

Lava stone massage is one of the most sought-after relaxation massages, which can induce a feeling of complete relaxation. The massage is performed with special volcanic stones, which perfectly accumulate heat and thus contribute to greater massage efficiency. Lava stones, heated to a pleasant temperature on the body, are applied to key energy places, places with muscle pain or muscle tension. In addition, the release of metal ions helps to speed up tissue regeneration and the removal of blocks in the meridians. The heat radiating from the stones warms the skin, which thanks to this better absorbs healing oils and at the same time relaxes the muscles and deeper layers of tissue. The combination of heated stones and special massage techniques and touches has a beneficial effect on tired and painful muscles, sore back or cervical spine, helps with rheumatism, cramps, headaches, reduces stress and insomnia. It stimulates the blood circulation and the entire lymphatic system, thus restoring the body's energy, speeding up metabolism and flushing out pollutants and toxins from the body. A valuable feature of massage is the ability to remove muscle spasms and blockages. Lava stone massage is an unforgettable experience not only due to its regenerative and healing effects, but also due to its beneficial, relaxing and relaxing effects on the human body.