Reflex massage of the soles of the feet will relax your feet after the whole day's hustle and bustle and standing on your feet. Reflex foot massage is one of the most affordable methods of alternative medicine. By acting on individual points on the soles of the feet, we can favorably influence the functions of internal organs, the activity of the nervous system, glands or the motor apparatus and thus harmonize physical and psychological processes. The ancient Chinese believed that the reflex points of the organs of the entire human body are projected in the soles of the feet. This very pleasant reflex massage is an effective method of preventing various diseases, especially for problems caused by faulty function of internal organs. Reflexology massage is suitable for blocking the cervical spine, reducing headache, back, disc and joint pain, for suppressing inflammation, it also stimulates the immune system and helps the body with scoliosis, allergies, detoxification of the body and serves as a support for lymphatic drainage. Squeezing or stroking the reflex surfaces reveals the cause of a number of problems, because when the function of the organ is impaired, there is a change in sensitivity and pain, even in the relevant projection area on the sole of the foot. With a subsequent massage and gentle pressure on the lower part of the leg, the identified problems can be significantly reduced or even eliminated. The treatment makes the body more resistant and balanced, thus helping to maintain mental and physical harmony.