Breuss massage is a gentle energy massage using St. John's wort oil with excellent regenerative effects on the spine. It nourishes the intervertebral discs, increases blood circulation, nutrition and oxygenation of individual vertebrae. The discs are regenerated. With a gentle pull, the vertebrae move away from each other, freeing up space for water to be absorbed again. The intervertebral discs swell, releasing the nerves that extend to the whole body in the spinal area. The plate can again fulfill its function - suspension and rotation of the spine, protection of nerves from compression - this is manifested, among other things. like shooting pain or tingling and tingling. The massage also promotes restful sleep, detoxification and regeneration of the body. It serves as an auxiliary diagnostic technique and massage method that relieves tension around the spine and relieves or eliminates back pain. The spine is perfectly relaxed by the massage and the correct position of the vertebrae is restored. All this evokes a feeling of deep physical and mental relief.