Lifting - smoothing massage will cause you:

  • We have a harmonizing effect not only on the physical body, but also on the psyche
  • With regular action, we correct minor circulatory disorders, alleviate congestion of blood and tissue fluid and swelling
  • Gentle stimulation of reflex zones on the face (beneficial effect on organs in the body)
  • Acceleration of tissue metabolism (loss of subcutaneous fat)
  • Flushing out toxins and lactic acid from muscles (muscle fatigue disappears, surge of energy)
  • Skin perfusion and blood circulation support (oxygenation and transport of nutrients to cells)
  • Total relaxation and calming effect on nerve endings (wrinkle reduction)
  • Muscle strengthening, regeneration and restructuring of connective tissues (lifting effect)


Purulent diseases or other inflammatory manifestations on the facial skin

Painful inflammation of the facial nerves

Thyroid disorder

Applied botulinum toxin (until fading)

Head and face surgery (at the earliest in 8 weeks, consultation with a doctor)

Basic rules of manual lifting:

increased fluid intake as early as 1 day before and after the procedure

in men, a smooth shave is needed before the procedure

2-3 days after sunbathing

we do not recommend any other facial procedure on the day of the lift

Lifting - manual facial smoothing massage is a new method of facial smoothing with an immediately visible effect. The term lifting is generally known as a surgical procedure in which skin tightening is performed. However, non-invasive manual therapy, which uses only massages, is currently in great demand.

Partial results are visible after the first application, so it is possible to use manual lifting once before an event where we want to look good, youthful and brighten your face.

The facial expression shows your mental state. All our feelings and emotions are displayed on our faces. For example, delayed crying is manifested by contraction of the chin and neck muscles. These emotional expressions and stress leave traces of wrinkles on the face. We cannot stop the natural aging process, but thanks to simple and systematic massage techniques we can slow down this process and achieve a younger and more pleasant appearance.

By stimulating the connective tissue and muscles of the face, it strengthens on the one hand and thus a lifting effect is achieved - for example, raising the face, eyebrows and thus the eyelids, the lower edge of the jaw and the like. On the other hand, the muscles get rid of tension, their tone is released and wrinkles gradually disappear.

Thanks to the removal of toxic substances from the face and décolleté, the skin is softened, brightened and improved. Less subcutaneous fat is stored, sagging skin is turned off (even the so-called second chin, bags under the eyes) and subcutaneous metabolism is accelerated. It mainly benefits collagen, elastin and protein fibers, which form the basis of connective tissue and affect the firmness and elasticity of the skin. It prevents skin aging, removes retained water, wrinkles, reduces facial tension and promotes regeneration.

We will achieve lasting results in the case of application of the treatment in the range of 7 to 10 repetitions with a frequency of repetitions 1-2 times a week, then the maintenance frequency once a month is enough.

During the first weeks, we perfectly train our facial muscles so that they are sufficiently strengthened for the lifting effect and at the same time we relieve them of stress, teach them to relax and thus stop wrinkles. It is the exact opposite of how a botox application works, which cuts off muscles from nerve impulses, thus ensuring their immobility and eliminating unwanted contractions that create wrinkles. Therefore, these two methods are not combined.