Preventive whole body lymphatic massage

The proper functioning of the lymphatic system plays a key role in the function of the immune system. Preventive lymphatic massage of the whole body in this case consists of a gentle massage of all key points of the lymphatic system. This prevents, for example, the accumulation of waste products, cellular debris or infectious agents in the lymphatic system. The organism is thus better purified. It is therefore one of the ways to non-pharmacologically strengthen the body's defenses. One lymphatic massage is not enough to detoxify the body. As a prevention and to alleviate health problems, we recommend a course of about ten treatments with regular attendance at least once a week! however, preferably 2x. The effect of firming and reducing swelling, caused by a better outflow of excess lymph, appears after 3-4 lymphatic massages. Then we recommend going to maintain the correct function once a month. However, it is very individual. Much depends on one's approach to one's body and health, as well as age, weight and problem. This method is natural and medically justified. It is not only practical, but also very pleasant and relaxing.

Simply put, it is a very beneficial gentle massage of the lymphatic system, which helps drain excess water (swelling) and toxic substances from the body.

Lymph flow is relaxed and accelerated. This body fluid has the ability to remove pollutants from the body, which we constantly absorb into each other from a bad environment, unhealthy food, drugs, alcohol ... If lymph accumulates in the body, there is a gradual clogging of the body by metabolic products and toxic substances, which contribute to the uneven distribution of fat and water. The connecting fibers between the muscles and the skin are disrupted, which causes the skin in the elastic tissue to sag. If the lymphatic system does not work, the body's defenses are reduced. Clogged lymphatic pathways are manifested, for example, by general body fatigue, feelings of exhaustion, leg fatigue, swelling ... Lymphatic massage promotes detoxification, increases immunity and helps against swelling or chronic fatigue.

Lymph cleansing is important in order to increase the defense system and thus support the regeneration of the body, prevent and gradually eliminate the common sore throats, flu, inflammation, acne, and increase immunity. Lymphatic massages also have a positive effect on the rehabilitation of athletes (muscle exhaustion, increased tension after sports performances).

In medicine, it is used, for example, for faster healing and removal of swelling after operations - all post-traumatic conditions, post-operative conditions. Lymphatic massage improves the outflow of metabolic products in the area of ​​the postoperative wound and promotes healing = it relieves tissue tension and thus relieves the feeling of pain. It has a positive effect even when the venous system is insufficient = as a prevention of varicose veins. There is a shift in unoxidized blood in the bloodstream. Blood oxidizes faster. Therefore, this type of massage is the most gentle for people who suffer from varicose veins. Metabolism is adjusted. Clients are dehydrated and may lose weight. The organism harmonizes. The elasticity and appearance of the skin is improved. This massage will also find use in the fight against cellulite. In addition to health effects, manual lymphatic drainage also has significant relaxing effects, which are very important in today's hectic times full of stress and will be appreciated by every modern person. In any case, lymphatic massage is a certain intervention in the body and therefore its implementation has certain limitations. It cannot be done in viral or acute diseases, and especially not in cancer.