Effects of sports massage:

has a beneficial effect on muscles overloaded by unilateral activity

  • acceleration of muscle and tissue regeneration
  • they increase the blood circulation of the skin and the removal of dead part
  • they support the lymphatic and vascular system in flushing out toxins
  • relieve pain in the locomotor system and improve its performance
  • relieves joint stiffness
  • ideal for regular physical activity

Sports rehabilitation massage is a system of massage touches and movements with the aim of inducing a state of total relaxation. Under the influence of massage movements, the massaged muscles relax, the skin capillaries expand and the skin turns red because blood circulation increases. Athletes experience much more fatigue than the general population, primarily because their training and competition performance exceeds their physical capabilities. Therefore, the effort to achieve maximum performance also requires a more thorough approach to body regeneration. It is necessary to comply with purposeful comprehensive regeneration, which has an effect on the positive influence of fitness, performance and thus the achievement of the maximum possible performance. Sports massages for a specific athlete also differ based on the goals we want to achieve, so it can vary in intensity, speed, strength and depth of guided touch. The massage can therefore take place from light touches, which have a calming effect, to strong touches, during which we work our way to the tissues located deeper. The effect is manifested by an increase in blood circulation, which subsequently increases the metabolism in the muscles and thus the removal of metabolites (e.g. lactic acid). Massage helps normal venous return to the heart, which helps against swelling and blood congestion.