Deep, very effective, therapeutic massage, focused on manual correction of the spine and removal of muscle tension throughout the body. Since each person is individual, we always adapt the massage to specific problems. The basis is a classic massage, using not only the pressure of hands, thumbs and elbows, but also other therapeutic and massage techniques.

The key method of massage is palpation and finding trigger points, so-called Trigger points - TRPs, which are one of the causes of muscle pain. These "trigger points", which cause considerable myofascial pain, are often associated with pain in other parts of the body (shoulder, elbow, head, knee, tingling in the ears, tinnitus ...) is transmitted pain. The psyche also has a great influence on these points, as TRPs can form due to psychosomatic problems. During this massage, the individual layers of the muscles are worked out and relaxed. This technique effectively and efficiently solves back and adjacent tissue pain, including painful hardnesses in the muscle. The alternation of stronger and weaker pressures on the local trigger point of the Trigger point and the subsequent intensive massaging of the area leads to the healing of damaged muscle fibers and to the gradual flushing out of toxins from the affected muscle bundle. Deep muscle relaxation and elaboration removes spasms, muscle hypertension and restores the natural length of muscle fibers.

What exactly is the trigger point?

The function of muscles is movement - that is, shortening and stretching. This is due to microfibers called actin and myosin, which fit together like intertwined fingers. Under normal conditions, they slide freely, allowing the muscle to shorten and lengthen. Under certain conditions, this ability is impaired and the fibers remain trapped. Therefore, part of the muscle remains permanently contracted and the rest must stretch more than normal. This has a lot of consequences - the blood circulation at the trigger point is practically stopped. Without it, the place remains unoxidized, waste accumulates in it, which over time can form growths (lumps of calcium) and, of course, causes pain. After only one visit, significant pain relief is felt. Intense muscle pain is eliminated in a short time, it is individual how often therapy occurs. Subsequent maintenance therapy is suitable about once a month. 


for muscle pain, neck, chest and lumbar spine pain, pain with radiative projection into peripheral parts of the body, muscle imbalances

for pain caused by unilateral overload (sedentary work, working with PC, sports), overweight, defective movement stereotypes

Approximate time of massages, of course we adapt to the requirements and needs of individual clients.

quick relief, neck or upper limbs - 30 minutes

back + neck or back + hands or just lower limbs - 55 minutes / 85 minutes

back, neck, lower limbs, upper limbs - 85 minutes / 110 minutes

back, neck, head, lower limbs, upper limbs, chest, abdomen - 110 minutes / 140 minutes