When I completed a massage course for regenerative and sports massages in 2005, I fulfilled my childhood dream, which I have had since I started playing competitive volleyball. At that time, I realized that the basis of not only good sports performance, but also overall physical well-being is a regenerated body and relaxed muscles. I also saw around me from other sports and one-sided overload, which can have health problems, problems with the spine such as hyperlordosis, scoliosis, protruding plates, etc. I understood the need to pay attention to the correct position of the body and keep the musculoskeletal system in balance. Regular massages and rehabilitation exercises became my way to harmonize my body and soul, and I felt that I also wanted to help people in this way. I was also fascinated by how much a massage can have on the psychological side, how it can get a person into complete total relaxation and caress the soul. First, I started with massages with family and friends and began to develop further in physiotherapy courses, health exercises and various trainings. Since there is still something to discover, I continue to focus on personal development. I know that we have gone in the right direction and the establishment of the ELISIUM center was the right way for me to help people and show them the way out of pain and suffering.

I am currently on maternity leave, taking care of the running of the studio and you will hear me on the phone as a receptionist.