Effects of massage for pregnant women:

  • relieves tension and stiffness of the back, neck muscles and limbs
  • it relieves fatigue, tension, reduces stress and improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the child
  • helps to remove swelling
  • acts as a prevention of varicose veins
  • nourishes and hydrates the skin
  • helps relieve headaches and nausea

Indian anti-stress head massage and Revitalizing neck and décolleté massage are also very suitable for pregnant women.

Whether you are preparing for pregnancy or are already in joyful anticipation, we recommend, in addition to massage, health exercises SM system, together with stretching exercises, will keep you in shape, prevent pain and facilitate childbirth.

During pregnancy, a woman can experience not only the joy of expecting a baby, but also health problems (nausea, back and joint pain, leg swelling, skin tension, heartburn, etc.). These unpleasant problems can largely be prevented with a quality pregnancy massage. After a pregnancy massage, you will feel great physically and mentally. Regular massage facilitates the course of pregnancy and childbirth, and your baby perceives it as a very pleasant stimulus.

Pregnancy massage generally harmonizes the future mother's psyche and well-being, improves sleep, reduces tension and eases headaches and nausea, relaxes muscle tension. By improving blood circulation, it relieves fatigue, and by stimulating the lymphatic circulation, it helps to remove any swelling.

We focus the massage on the places that are most stressed during pregnancy - the neck, back, hips, especially the area of the sacroiliac joint and the lower limbs. We perform the massage in a lying position on the side. In this position, it is possible to massage the strained lower back and hips, as well as the tired legs from behind. The neck muscles, hands, chest are then massaged lying on the back, or sitting.

We use high-quality oils to nourish the skin, which is under maximum stress during pregnancy, the oil works deeply, preventing drying and subsequent cracking, stretch marks do not form, and the skin remains flexible and supple. The gentle, pleasant aroma and effects of carefully selected essential oils contribute to the harmonization of mental and physical balance.

Pregnancy massages are also recommended by gynecologists. The massage is only unsuitable for pregnant women up to the third month and in high-risk pregnancies. Otherwise, however, massages for pregnant women are absolutely safe. If the pregnancy is problem-free, the woman can have a massage literally until childbirth.